Author: Sandra

Nuremberg: Germany’s City of WWII Sites

It’s been a long time since our family has been back to Europe (since grade 1!) so this trip, with all four of us, is quite exciting! Although we’re mostly going to visit family and friends, my dad and I share the same desire for exploration and plan to see some new places along the way. The first visit of which was to Nuremberg, where we headed for a day trip. Much of this part of Europe has strong World War II history, and Nuremberg has some of the most. The Nazi’s chose Nuremberg as the location of their...

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Mexico: Spoiled in the Mayan Riviera

A relaxing week long escape to the sunny white sand beaches of the Mayan Riviera! There were many fun activities to partake in at our resort, including sea kayaking, snorkelling, catamaran-ing, archery, and friendly competitions like arm wrestling where I made it to the final two. Too bad Shane didn’t teach me the tricks of the trade as my final opponent gave me a twist of the hand and down I went! On our final night there I had the most hilarious wake up. As I stumbled, half asleep, to the bathroom at 6 AM, I lifted the toilet...

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