Sawadee Ka! (hello)

We did the best thing today: a Thai cooking class! Actually though, it was too much fun. We weren’t planning on doing this, until a friend of mine highly recommended it, and now I see why.

Our class started with going to the market with a guide who explained all the crazy fruits, veggies, and spices we’ve been seeing this whole time but have never known what they were. This on its own was worth the entire tour.

After we foraged our goods, it was back to the kitchen to try an appetizer of tropical fruit and tasty snacks:

snacks before our 5 course cooking class meals

This platter included jackfruit (the yellow one), rambutan (the spiky red one), dragonfruit (the kiwi-like one), some banana-coconut dessert, roasted peanuts, and a sticky rice creation. So many things we’ve never tried before!

After this, it was cooking time! On the menu:

  • paneang curry with pork
  • stir-fried prawn in curry powder
  • chicken coconut milk soup
  • spring rolls

looking for peanuts

Shane made completely different dishes so we could enjoy a variety of foods between the three of us.

Here are our very own home-made delicious creations…

Green curry:

andy's green curry

Thai-style noodles:

2011.03.06 026b 750x500

Hand-made spring rolls:

2011.03.06 069b 750x500

Hot & sour soup:

2011.03.06 082b 750x500

Khao soi noodle with chicken (Chiang Mai’s famous dish):

chiang mai noodles

On top of that, we learned to make our own curry paste (mortar & pestle style), to squeeze our own coconut milk, and to roll up spring rolls with a tasty filling.

As a bonus, we got a recipe book to take home. Mama, next Sunday dinner’s on us!

2011.03.06 066b 750x500