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Our day began at the ungodly hour of 530 AM when we woke for the Tsukiji fish market – the biggest seafood market in the world. Fish is such a staple food here and we’ll be eating it almost daily, so it seemed appropriate to learn where it comes from. The market is meant for serious business, so we tried to stay out of the way and just observe all the action.

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The best followup to this was a sashimi sushi shop right outside the market. I don’t think it gets more fresh than that! I can’t believe the boys are both eating raw fish. Andy barely even likes fish when it’s cooked!

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In the afternoon, we kicked out the sake and had a good amount of drinks while playing “war” (the card game – classy throwback) and then went to a karaoke bar. These bars are found on every street corner, stacked 7 floors tall of private karaoke rooms, and often with line ups that bend around the block. So we rented our own for the night to see what all the fuss was about…

It was funny because we can’t read any Japanese, so we thought all the prices were per group (that was a mean surprise when we got the bill) and on top of that it took us a good 20 minutes to figure out how to use the Japanese controls.

we cleared the tables to make a dance floor

But once it started, we had a hilariously good time and ended up upping our bill even more by adding more hours of fun. The room was filled with tacky space-themed drawings, and disco lights filled up the rest. Once Andy put on his sunglasses the fun began…