storm is coming

We are sweaty messes.

It’s HOT. As in you’re just wet all the time.

It’s beautiful though, and at least I’ve learned to fashion a fan out of anything!

2011.05.30 261b 750x500 temple of dawn (made of bits of porcelain from china) 2011.05.30 271b 750x500 temple of the reclining buddha grand palace

Bangkok is a very lively city. All the streets are lined with vendors and there is always the smell of street meat in the air. And a 7-eleven or a tuk tuk driver around the corner ready to offer you a ride.

2011.05.30 212b 750x500

It’s so different than China already. We are no longer such an obvious minority; there are backpackers galore here and everyone is used to tourists. Funnily enough though, it is much harder to get around with transit routes all written in Thai and very little English spoken anywhere. Thai people are lovely though – very friendly and always willing to help!

The food is delicious, and we’ve only had one meal. We’re easing ourselves into the street market, as 45 degrees is not a happy environment for meats and fish. It’s only a matter of time though before Shane will no longer be able to resist…

temple of dawn

Mama, there are so many stray cats and dogs. ‘Baby kittens’ sleep all over the streets at night.

We’re staying on Khao San road – a tourist hub that’s bustling 24h a day. It’s an exciting environment, but I’m looking forward to seeing more authentic parts of Bangkok and Thailand in the upcoming days. We’ve also noticed prices are higher in this area because it is so tourist driven….

2011.05.30 355b 750x500