2011.06.02 [chaing mai] 121b 750x500

Congratulations to our friend who got accepted into medical school today. Here is what we did to celebrate:

1. Andy gathered the first item for your new house. By gathered, I mean he won it at a carnival after a hundred tries.

2011.06.02 [chaing mai] 190b 750x500

2. We checked into our hostel, “MD House” – so appropriate for this day. And we’re living in luxury here (if you compare it to our last 22-person dorm, that is) with a private room + bathroom, fridge, TV, pool, and breakfast. Our standards have lowered so quickly! We are including more siestas in our days to beat the heat, so I’m pretty sure we played with this yellow ball for a good 2 hours this afternoon.

2011.06 186 500x750

3. Shane finally ventured into the street meat market for the first time, enjoying Khao Sao noodles and rooster meat.

street noodles 2011.06.02 [chaing mai] 204b 750x500

4. We spent a good 20 minutes playing soccer with a random little Thai boy in the street:

randomly playing soccer with a little thai boy in the streets

5. We ‘just happened to be there’ for a once-a-year festival in Chiang Mai – Intakin. I think we just watched the celebrations and prayer in awe. Thousands of people placed bundles of flowers on the temple shrine and bathed Buddha with holy water by pulley systems bringing a vase to the top of the temple.

2011.06.02 [chaing mai] 112b 750x500 2011.06.02 [chaing mai] 025b 750x500 2011.06.02 [chaing mai] 123 750x500 Intakin Festival 2011.06.02 [chaing mai] 154b 750x500

Other than that, I think we’re all loving Chiang Mai. It’s a cute jungle town with lots to do. Definitely my favorite so far. The weather is a bit cooler too, which we won’t complain about!

2011.06.04 100b 750x500 temple dances 2011.06.04 076b 500x750