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Japanese toilets here deserve a post to themselves. Every bathroom is a new experience…

  • Japanese toilets wash your bottom with varied water pressures and temperatures
  • they proceed to air dry after this process is finished
  • these are all controlled with an often complex control panel that requires a manual to understand
  • some have heated toilet seats
  • the funniest one to me: some have a button that makes the sound of the toilet flushing… so you can do your business in the comfort of ambient bathroom noise
  • in some stalls, the light will turn on and the toilet lid will lift when you enter
  • if not automatic, there is a sensor on the wall: you wave your hand for the lid to lift, the toilet to flush, and the door to open for your exit
  • on the other hand, there are a suprising amount of Japanese squatter toilets still present… many bathrooms have a drawing on the door so you can choose between these or “western toilets:

The bathrooms tend to be nicely equipped too. Even public bathrooms I’ve used have provided q-tips, oil-absorbing face wipes, combs, nail polish, exfoliants, and toothbrushes!