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I never really gave an appropriate introduction to Koh Phangan (“koh” just means island by the way)… we came here by ferry from Krabi, which means we’re now on the east coast along the Gulf of Thailand.

We booked late (considering that everything books out really early during the full moon), so we ended up at the Haadlad Prestige Resort & Spa on a beach far away from the party craziness. It sounds great, doesn’t it? Except that we laugh at it being “prestige” because our rooms are in the “budget” building which means a concrete box with two beds and a fan thrown in. It feels a little like a prison cell, however the actual resort is great with a beautiful beach and nice pools.

koh phangan

It was the perfect way to spend a day recovering from the Full Moon party!

It also made us realize that there is a quieter side of Koh Phangan, with beautiful beaches and relaxing resorts. There is much more to the island than just the Full Moon party!

Oh and I thought I’d mention (for the food lovers) that I discovered a new Thai dish from down south that I’m really enjoying: Massaman Curry. It’s like a mix between my two favorites – Thai food and Indian food. Delicious!

koh phangan

And lastly, our most exciting news: we decided to take a scuba diving course for the next 3 days! The islands here are known for their diving, so what better place to get certified? It’s much more affordable than back home, and at least we’ll now be able to do it anywhere in the world. We’re really excited about it!