We would like to wish everyone a very Happy New Year and wish you all the best in 2015! We are so happy to have you join us on our adventures and hope we can follow you on yours someday!

We thought what better way to reflect on 2014 than to share our favorite photos and moments of the past year?



A few days off around Easter gave us the inspiration to take a short flight south and explore Utah and Arizona for the long weekend. The sunny hot days were a perfect way to escape our Canadian winter, and the rusty sand landscape was entirely new for us to explore! Horseshoe Bend was a touristy but worthy stop amidst our exploration of the vast canyons of the Arizona desert:

Wanderlusters - Arizona Postcards - Horseshoe Bend (950x633)

We managed to complete a few different hikes in Zion National Park in Utah, visit the Grand Canyon in a thunderstorm, and stumble upon a interesting work of architecture in Sedona while we were there.



Next up was a ladies trip to celebrate a long-awaited graduation. Paris was the perfect place for us to get lost in…

Wanderlusters - Paris Postcards - Eiffel Tower Bottom Up (950x633)

… Literally and metaphorically, as two members of our group were forced to function without luggage for several days. Good thing underwear was on sale while we were there.

Regardless, we made the most of it visiting museums galore, eating macarons by the handful, and making a traditional picnic stop at the eiffel tower.



Though silly, this photo sums up the light-hearted and fun travel memories with this amazing group of ladies. London was the second stop on our trip after a short chunnel ride from Paris.

01-IMG_6660 950x633



A short month later took us on one of our best adventures yet, and on one of our favorite road trips thus far… Iceland was a big highlight for both of us in 2014 and we would easily head back to get lost among the desolate but magical landscapes once again.

Wanderlusters - Iceland Postcards - Water Rock large

We were lucky to visit Iceland in July during the midnight sun, meaning we had endless hours to run wild with Icelandic horses, visit neverending waterfalls, feel like we got plopped onto Mars, party in the funky capital of Reykjavik, float with humpback whales, swim among icebergs, and drive through rivers on a 4×4 country adventure! Have I sold you yet?

Wanderlusters - Iceland Postcards - Lupins


Faroe Islands

A short flight from Iceland and we were in the quirky and mysterious Faroe Islands. As a tiny set of islands in the middle of the North Atlantic, wind gusts rapidly shroud the land in clouds and for only moments at a time can you grasp the true beauty of the island chain and its sheer rock cliffs:

Wanderlusters - Faroe Islands Postcards - Gasadalur (large)



As we toured from numerous cities in the Netherlands, the most peaceful and quaint stop was at Kinderdijk: home of the famous Dutch windmills.

Kinderdijk Windmills - Netherlands - Wanderlusters (950x633)



We were almost a little suprised at how quickly we fell in love with the Belgium culture, architecture and amazing chocolate (insert [beer] for Shane). Despite numerous photos, this one stands out as it captures a rare win for Belgium during the World Cup and the insane eruption of celebration in the streets:

World Cup Belgium 2014 - Wanderlusters (950x633)



Definitely one of the most elaborate and prettiest places we’ve visited, we can’t wait to return to Luxembourg for more than a couple days:

07-_MG_0337 950x633



We are so lucky to have this beautiful mountain playground right in our backyard. Banff is a place we visit multiple times a year, and this year we went in Autumn to enjoy the pretty fall colors and lush greens surrounding the Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel:

Fairmount Springs Hotel - Banff - Wanderlusters 950x633

(More to come on Banff in the future!)

We are excited to say that 2015 will bring more adventure, with our next stops being in Cuba, Peru, and Bolivia starting in March. We can’t wait!