At the bottom of the Space Needle is the Chihuly Garden & Glass museum, full of beautiful Seattle glass art blown structures hand made by artist Dave Chihuly. The details and colors of the sculptures were amazing, not to mention the sheer size of some of them!

2013.02.20 [seattle] 149750x5002013.02.20 [seattle] 146750x5002013.02.20 [seattle] 143750x5002013.02.20 [seattle] 139750x5002013.02.20 [seattle] 167b750x5002013.02.20 [seattle] 160bb750x500
2013.02.20 [seattle] 171b 3x42013.02.20 [seattle] 174b 3x4
2013.02.20 [seattle] 222750x500

I also learned today that he is also the artist behind the ceiling at the Bellagio hotel in Las Vegas – you never realize all these links until you’re out travelling!

2013.02.20 [seattle] 132750x500

Not only is this chandelier made of blown glass, but every panel of this dome is also individually glass blown. This atrium was beautifully grand, with a view of the space needle right outside the windows.

2013.02.20 [seattle] 192750x5002013.02.20 [seattle] 194750x500

The sculptures continued into the outdoors into a garden full of light:

2013.02.20 [seattle] 210notmuch750x500

At the conclusion of the tour you end up at the gift shop, where I was genuinely interested in potentially purchasing a small sculpture. There was a whole wall of small handcrafted bowls, and as I neared I saw a number that looked like $80. I thought to myself, that’s fairly steep, but understandable I suppose… to my suprise, here is what it actually was:

2013.02.20 [seattle] 230750x5002013.02.20 [seattle] 228b750x500