We’ve arrived in Beijing safe and sound. I can’t believe we’re actually in China!

The Beijing airport is rich by the way. It was definitely bedazzled for the Olympics.

beijing airport beijing airport

And I got the most intense workout I’ve had in a while carrying Andy’s bag on our trek to find our hostel… including mashing through millions of people through several packed subway stations. He got some “Judge Judy” looks – likely not only because he was wearing a fedora and hiking boots – but also because they were shocked to see he snagged such a good housewife to do all his carrying.

protecting andy's appendix + airport shuttle Dong si

By the way, we’ve learned nothing can be sent from here. Blogging is not an appreciated pastime.

Neither is checking your Google documents, trying to find maps in English, looking up pictures of T-square, Wikipedia, Facebook, or YouTube. See you in 5 days I guess… when we will overwhelm you with numerous days of posts.