There are too many things to post about today. To start off, the best picture of the day:

2011.05.245 beijing 279b 750x500

Firstly because this is picture #1 of locals asking to take photos of us.

Secondly because the gestures are everything I was hoping for and more.

Other than that, we explored the Forbidden Palace and Tiananmen Square. Which is quite the feat I might add – they are HUGE! If you saw the size of the blister I formed from exploring them, you’d believe me.

forbidden palace - panorama forbidden palace view of the forbidden palace - it's huge! tiananmen square

In the evening we explored the night market that offered many surprises! Bugs of all kinds, squid, octopus, animal hearts & intestines, fruits, testicles… all on sticks! It was a really neat place to wander around. If you want to see some of the signs of food on sale, check out this post.

Donghuamen Night Market Donghuamen Night Market

So in summary of an otherwise too detailed day to write about:

  • Hostel life is pretty jolly. I am in a bunkbed room with Andy + two lady friends with a shower that functions not only to clean you, but also the entire bathroom (since you, the sink and the toilet are all essentially within the area the showerhead covers)
  • Andy discovered there are peanuts in everything in China. As a result, he ate McDonalds on his first day in Beijing. We were those people now.
  • I used my first squatter toilet today. But it had toilet paper, so it technically was a fancy one.
  • Even though I’m in China, I’m not far from home: I found a street vendor that carries “bulk” candy on his bicycle. Even peach penguins!
  • Everyone stares at our feet here and we cannot figure out why.
  • We are such a minority here! I thought there would be many North American visitors at least at the tourist sites, but there are VERY few. There is no way to blend in. People are constantly staring or taking photos of us.