Dashilan West Street

It saddens me to leave China! I’ve really enjoyed it here.

It’s interesting how quickly you can settle in somewhere and feel comfortable and safe; just as we started to “learn the ways” we must leave!

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What I will miss:

  • our daily AM stops at Wu-mart (ie. Walmart) where andy buys all his non-peanut foods and I fill our backpack with all sorts of Chinese snacks for the day
  • the funny English t-shirts that people wear but I don’t think they realize what they say (a grandmother wearing “playboy”, or a young boy wearing “do you marry me?”)
  • paying a quarter for everything
  • the red lamp-lined streets
  • the hilarious English translations in signs (see the post Lost in Translation: China)
  • all the fake brands (“Calvin Kloin” and “kaeppa”)

qianmen street - teahouse favorites

What I will not miss:

  • the air pollution (and listening to the resulting “lugies” as Andrew calls them)
  • the firewall
  • us being the center of attention at all times


Time to board Thai Airways to Bangkok and finally meet Shane to continue our adventures!