We have a fascination with signs.

Particularly the ones that seem somehow to have been “lost in translation” between languages. So we hope you enjoy our special series of silly signs from around the world and get as much of a laugh as we do!

Here is our first instalment from China:

sign: "mind your hair"

I did my best to follow the recommendation of this sign over the escalator at Wu-Mart: “Mind your hair”

2011.05.26 beijing 001 750x500

This sign made me feel melancholic about my childhood… how come no one ever taught me how to play Tino the Autowalk?

2011.05.28 [beijing] 015 750x500

This is my favorite sign from China advising us on how to be excellent tourists: “May we remind you: please be self-restraint and be a good tourist to mold a well-mannered imagination”

this fixes wheel chairs

A sign on the subway train: “Wheel chair fixer”

"please take care oldster and child"

I have never referred to an elderly/senior person the same way since this sign.

2011.05.28 [beijing] 104 750x500

Subway train sign: “Door is open when yellow light lighting. Door is at fault when red light lighting.”

forbidden palace - imperial gardens

“Perilous hills, no climbing please”

2011.05.27 beijing 406 750x500

A sign at the Great Wall: “Risk, please pay attention to safety.”

funny english translations

I love roast dunck, damplings and potaboes. Especially potaboes.

please watch out - love, the stairs

I wasn’t sure how to take this. Do you think I should be careful of the stairs (“Please watch out for the stairs”) or is it that the stairs are being kind (“Please watch out. Love, the stairs”)?

ATM: "please dip your card"

I love dipping my card into ATMs.

china departure card: all about aliens

A government form at the Beijing airport to deal with us “aliens”

2011.05.245 beijing 210 750x500

That’s a very specific and unbeatable discount.

The signs below are all from the night market talked about in a previous post describing the various food items for purchase:

Donghuamen Night Market

“Dog meat pot”. I’m not sure what food a “mealie” is?

Donghuamen Night Market

These are very interesting foods… “officer wealth board”, “mirror cake” or “explosion cone”.

Donghuamen Night Market

“Sheep penis” or “baby shark”

Donghuamen Night Market

“Cake with Pig inside”