789 Art's District

We’re so good at Chinese.

Today we tried to board a bus that did not exist… in an area where no one speaks English… and where all the signs are all in Chinese.

It was quite the adventure of trying to communicate by paper and crumpled sticky note. But, we ended up in a cab laughing and hoping we were being sent away to the right place.

And we were, to the 798 Arts District – a restored industrial area taken over by artsy street creations, galleries and cafes where we spent the day.

789 Art's District 789 Art's District 789 Art's District

The way home was another adventure, as we had spent more than expected for the taxi ride and were left with little change and little idea of direction. But, a friendly young fellow assisted us, even buying us tickets back to the subway. It was a very kind gesture, and we had the bonus of experiencing Beijing rush hour traffic!

Our evening comprised of eating Beijing’s most famous meal: peking duck. Served with pancakes, spring onions and sauce. Yummy.

peking duck

Total cost for this gourmet meal = $5. Easy.