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Japan brings together both the modern and the ancient. Walk through the bright lights and tall skyscrapers of Tokyo or enjoy the serenity of the Zen gardens of Kyoto. Stay in a traditional inn of tatami floors dressed in a kimono, or have a quick snooze in a sleek capsule hotel with all the modern amenities needed.

You'll find the atmosphere in Japan warm and inviting. Share a story with a local over a tasty plate of sushi. Better yet, bathe in the nude with complete strangers in Japanese onsen, or enjoy the mountains and beaches of the Japanese countryside that are often overlooked.
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Japan’s first capital dates Nara back to the year 710, making it second only to Kyoto in cultural and traditional sights. The town is small and easy to cover on foot, making it great for a day trip.
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Okonomiyaki in Japan, or japanese pancakes