Continuing our Lost in Translation special, featuring silly signs from around the world. Our focus today: Thailand!

2011.06.04 001b750x500

A sign on an ATM banking machine: “who forget the card payment, please press the call”

"we raised the shoppingmall on the island"

“We raised the shoppingmall on the island.”

2011.06.23 347750x500

Sign on our Angkor Wat visitor’s pass. I always hope for a well organized and tranquil visit when sightseeing.

2011.06.23 396b750x500

Not so much a silly sign, but more just an odd concept…

2011.06.23 213b750x500

Ooo so many possibilites!

the best "hello kitty" ripoff i've seen: "hi cat"

I like the simplicity of this “Hello Kitty” rip off.

2011.06.23 038b750x500

“It can clean your dead skin it is funny happy please try it and get to know”

what's on the "manu"?

What’s on the Manu?

"OK condoms".. that doesn't sound too promising

Ok condoms. They’re ok.

That sounds promising.

hambergers! french fried! food oder! sandwich with potato cheese! orance jut!

I like french fried and hambergers. Not sure what food oder is, but I’m intrigued.

this is the greatest store we've ever been in: "Jeams"

My favorite store at MBK: Jeams.

MBK mall - store name: "You'r"

“You’r”. Another classy MBK store.

MBK mall - store name: "Angle Phone"

And one final store at MBK: “Angle Phone”

2011.06.21 026b750x500

“Please keep the door close”

2011.06.21 025b750x500

A sign outside a furniture store: “Soft and grand sofa helps fill the perfection in your living room”

2011.06.21 016b750x500

I like this store’s slogan: “A good idea to buy the camera.. Thinking of Camera Center”

the imaginary fashion zone!

I’m quite sure they didn’t mean to call this store an “Imaginary Fashion Zone”

2011.06.21 013b750x500

A sign inside a restaurant. “Prohibit tead the food and lead to drink come in have for a shop”…. “prohibit lead a dog comes in a shop”… “prohibit take a photograph” (swoopsies). I’m quite sure someone used google translate for this sign.

"your Love gifts have inifinite value to the poor children"

“Love gifts”. That makes me so much more willing to give.

"not lean the edge of escalator"

“Not lean the edge of escalator”

no balloons on the metro

A sign leading into the Bangkok subway station. Clearly no fun is allowed.

Also, how often does one bring balloons on the train?

2011.06.21 003b 500x750

Nothing is allowed.

that's a lot of punctuation

Someone got very excited about punctuation.

2011.06.14 242b750x500

A sign on a beach. Good thing I’m drinking vodka.

2011.06.14 001b750x500

“Please wear jacket lift”

"funnel into out the passenger"

A sign at the ferry dock in Koh Phi Phi: “funnel into out the passenger”

"assistance in Paying for care, the sparkling clean on Phi Phi Island"

Another sign on Koh Phi Phi as you arrive on the island, explaining their 20 baht fee for every visitor: “Assistance in Paying for care, The sparking clean on Phi Phi Island”

2011.06.10 016b750x500

Cupcake. Cuppkeyk.

2011.06.10 006b750x500

A sign at the airport: “good will fligh to china”

"blow me hole for my sound"

Street market stalls in Chiang Mai selling fancy trinkets: “Blow me hole for my sound”

"price off"!!!

We learned a new way to say “sale” at the supermarket: “Price Off”

sign at every thai temple we've been at so far..

This was exactly how Shane and I arrived in at this Chiang Mai temple…



2011.06.01 [ayutthaya] 019750x500

A sign at Ayutthaya telling us about how the buildings were formed: “it was leaved as a ruin”.

2011.06.01 [ayutthaya] 157b750x500

“It is nearly out of order”

"walk straightly have a lot of temples"

Ooo, all we have to do is “walk straightly” to “have a lot of temples”.

"food" aisle at the grocery store

A sign at the grocery store. It’s very helpful to know this aisle has “food”.

If nothing else, we know it has a potato chip.

"Please do not climb and take care of the children"

“Please do not climb and take care of the children”