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Time to say goodbye to Thailand! This part of the trip flew by, but we’ve had so much fun and I’ve loved traveling here. Japan will be such a different world compared to this. Before we leave though here are our quick Thailand travel picks.

Best city: Chiang Mai
Best island: Phi Phi (Leh) – for its beauty, it is definitely touristy!
Best experience: Scuba diving!
Best food: Paenang curry, pad thai, massaman curry, fresh fruit shakes

What I’ll miss the most: The beautiful beaches, the fellow backpackers, how cheap everything is, and the delicious food.

What I won’t mind leaving behind: Worrying about the water and contamination, endless offers for tuk tuks.

What I wish I had done: Andy and I forgot to get our $3 Thai massages!

No one’s ready to head back to Canada yet, but we definitely are already missing summer fruits (peaches, cherries, nectarines… yum), whole grain breads, and Sunday night family dinners. I think I’ve eaten more rice and white bread this month than the entire past year!

On the other hand, I can’t wait for sushi, seafood and tea in Japan… especially when we order some out of a vending machine.