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Sooo when you’re traveling for almost 2 months, you can’t expect every accommodation to turn out perfect… and today was definitely one of those travel days.

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We flew down to Phuket (with a receipt as our plane ticket), mainly just a travel hub for those moving forward to the islands. We arrived to a very shabby town, where everyone appeared a bit shadier than what we were used to – fewer smiles, endless offers for tuk tuks, and aggressive street dogs. Most stores seemed closed by early evening, giving a very quiet and dark vibe to the city. We all noticed that there were even more cockroaches on the streets. I don’t know if we caught Phuket on a bad day or what, but it was definitely not the most welcoming…

Our hostel gave off the illusion of being quite nice, but unfortunately our beds were full of signs of bed bugs. We brought this up to the staff, who barely flinched and just moved us into another room. They didn’t even check our beds or note anything about the room. Which is not promising for how they must have dealt with bed bugs in the past…

The new room was not much better, and the staff just spoke in Thai and walked out on us in the middle of conversation. So now we’re sitting on a wooden bench in a hallway waiting till 7 am (no sleep tonight), which is when we catch the first boat (literally) out of here.

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I can’t wait to get on the beaches!