How many people can you fit in a tuk tuk?

8 people on a tuk tuk... they usually hold 2 hanging on the back of the tuk tuk...

At least 8!

We had too much fun last night… we met up with our trekking crew and lounged at a rooftop bar with some drinks. We then did a bit of bar hopping until we discovered a nightclub with a dance floor and tasty drinks. I’m starting to come to the conclusion there are no rules in this country – you can wander in and out of bars with no ID checks, stay as late as you choose, and even bring your own drink concoction into the bar (vodka sprite in a lipton iced-tea can for example). Things you could never get away with at home!

one beer too many 2011.06 109b 750x500

We also came to the conclusion that McDonalds is the international post-drinking snack locale, as our whole crew of worldly friends was craving this by the end of the night.

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