the sleeping pods

Our time in Japan would not have been complete without trying at least one night inside a ‘capsule’. So why not try one featured in many design magazines? Super modern, clean, and all the amenities needed… it provided us with a wonderful sleep after spending the last few days in a dorm full of snoring!

The idea of capsule hotels began in Japan and most of them are still seen only here. They provide an easy short term stay – common with businessmen on-the-go. You can buy anywhere from one to seventeen hours of sleep, and then you’re assigned your little pod to sleep:

here is our individual sleeping pod

The capsules at our hotel were quite spacious and completely comfortable. They use a lighting system for sleeping and waking up, so the light would slowly fade out as you went to sleep and get brighter as you awake in the morning. A more “natural” way of rising.

The floors are also separated for men and women (unlike most capsule hotels, which are still men only) so I had the 2nd to 5th floor to myself. This is where the bathrooms, jacuzzi baths, and lockers are held.

Since we went for the full 17 hours, we had the most lovely sleep in till 11 the next morning!