Sooo never in any of my flights until now have I heard the classic, “Is there a doctor on board?”. But of course, the FIRST trip days after we become MDs, does that suddenly come on over the intercom, mid-flight.

The four of us exchange glances at one another in shock: what do we do?


Despite our budding Emergency-physician Amy excited to step forward for this airplane medical emergency, we decide to pause for a moment… following the advice of other physicians in hoping that someone more senior or experienced might step forward first.

Within minutes an older fellow – with many more years on us – volunteers his services. We sigh (with relief?), though feel somehow left out of the loop… our inquisitive medical side wanting to know what’s happened and wanting to help. We let the stewardess know that if any more help is needed, we’re just a call away.

Thankfully the patient quickly perked up with some sugar, feeling nauseous from the turbulent flight. She, the flight attendants, and the “real” doctor hung out on the floor at the back of the airplane for the majority of the flight, and eventually, after a few hours of passengers commenting about the “absent” airline staff (yes, people were complaining), food services commenced and the flight continued smoothly.

With finally arriving in Paris, we were happy to make ourselves at home in this adorable Parisian style apartment in the lively neighbourhood of La Marais:


We settled quickly, but were missing two very important things…

Two pieces of checked luggage.

This affected our first day quite a bit, wasting time over the phone tracking them down, waiting in the apartment during scheduled arrival times, and washing underwear in the sink. I’d wish to tell you it’s all over, but sadly we’re still waiting on one more (grrr Heathrow).

Either way, it’s best to make the most of things, so the next post is full of our enjoyable first 24 hours in Paris!