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I love having a car while traveling as you can literally pick any place on the map and take yourself there. In this case, we went to the friendly city of Kulmbach: full of breweries, beer, and brautwurst.

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You know you’re getting near Kulmbach as the walls of the Plassenburg castle come into view. This massive fortress sits atop a hill overlooking the main market square.

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In Germany, even the smallest of villages has their own brewery, and Kulmbach is no exception. Apparently 1/4 of people living in the town earn their living somehow in relation to beer.

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So, while here, we visited their couple of breweries and stopped at the “Getrankemarkt” to buy more… which by the way I swear is pronounced “Get Drunk Market” when I say it aloud. Appropriate, as these markets sell drinks and alcohol.

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A cute thing we saw while wandering around: these garden plots are for rent so that people in apartments, condos, or otherwise without a backyard can landscape to their heart’s content.

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Since we were already driving around, we drove over to Bayreuth, Kulmbach’s neighbor, to see the Eremitage:

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