We often spend much time searching for great accommodations in the places we travel, and usually rely on fellow travellers reviews of where they stayed. Because we found a place we loved in Rovinj, we thought we’d share our experience.

Hotel Spirito Santo Palazzo Storico is a new boutique hotel in the center of Rovinj. The hotel is housed in a building from the 1920s, though has been beautifully restored into a chic, luxurious and modern getaway. The white, black and gold color palette feels like something out of a Gatsby movie, and entices you stay a little longer.

The hotel strays from the typical, without a usual lobby where guests line-up to check in. Instead, the staff welcomes you to this sunny destination with a seat on their patio, a welcome drink in hand, and a small platter of local snacks to help you refuel. Somewhere in the background, while you enjoy your glass of wine in the sun, your luggage is delivered to your room and your documents checked. You feel like you’ve already started your vacation, but in reality you’ve just been checking in.

The rooms are small, but beautifully decorated and comfortable, with all the amenities you would need. Most rooms have a private terrace, some overlooking the sea, and others have a fireplace. No matter what the room however, you can’t go wrong.

The real selling point of Spirito Santo is the service. The owner is friendly and helpful, always taking the time to say hello (whether in passing out in the street or in the hotel lobby). With a small handful of other staff members, it isn’t long before you feel that you’re all friends. Every member of the team is warm and inviting, helpful, and never hesitant to lend a hand. Whether this was by providing a private electric shuttle to get us to and from our car, to providing beach towels for our daily excursions, or answering any question we threw their way.

Spirito Santo also goes above and beyond in providing their food service. Their in-house chef bakes fresh bread and cookies every day to make your breakfast delicious. Thankfully for us, her cookies are also out all afternoon for us to munch on as we pleased. And while doing so, you have the chance to say hello to the chef as she creates her magic. This personal touch is what makes your stay extra special.

The wine bar is also something to behold, with a great selection of wines and spirits to choose from.

Overall, we would recommend Hotel Spirito Santo to family, friends, and anyone else without hesitation. Do yourself a favour and stay here if you visit this amazing piece of the Istrian coast.