We’re going to come home 10 pounds lighter each.

Because we can’t afford to eat.

IMG_2692b 750x500

As of February 2012, Zurich has become the world’s most expensive city, and we’ve noticed it quickly ourselves. At least their money is so colorful that it tricks you into feeling happier when you spend it.

For your reference:

Postcard: $2
Bottled water: $4.24
Cheeseburger Meal at McDonalds’s (we stepped in ourselves to see if the legends were true): $12.61
Dinner out “on a budget” (one plate each): $53

Our dinner was so sad too. No drinks, I ordered a salad (cost 21$ – !!!), and Shane had one fondue pot with some bread.

It’s shocking really. Thankfully grocery stores offer us affordable options and the water that comes out of any fountain is crystal clean.

…And don’t actually worry… our stop at the Lindt chocolate shop tomorrow is sure to gain us some weight back!