We took a short detour to the land of chocolate: the Lindt-Sprungli chocolate shop, one of many Lindt chocolate outlet stores.

IMG_2642 750x500

The best part of these shops is the section full of “defekts”. These are bars with crooked labeling, improper molds, wrong packaging, etc. I know you were worried – but we’re bringing you all authentically Swiss defective chocolate.

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Oh wait, the other best part was free samples. We (by “we”, I mean Shane) had our fair share.

IMG_2641 750x500

At the end of the day, we may have gone a little excessive…

IMG_2640 750

PS. Did you know that Swiss people ingest one chocolate bar per capita per day?!

Practical Information: Lindt Chocolate Outlet Store Locations

Here is a listing of all the Lindt Outlet locations in Switzerland with what city they are nearest to. That way you can plan a delicious chocolate stop on your travel in any direction!

  • Kilchberg (nearest to Zurich). Address: Seestrasse 204, 8802 Kilchberg. Getting There: Take the S-bahn train 1 or 9 to Kilchberg. Or take bus 165 to Schooren.
  • Altendorf (southeast of Zurich). Address: Brügglistrasse 53, Altendorf.
  • Olten (west of Zurich). Address: Industriestrasse 180, Olten.
  • Landquart Designer Outlet (nearest Vaduz, Liechtenstein). Address: Shop 21a, Tardisstrasse 20 A, Landquart.
  • Aubonne (nearest to Geneva). Address: Shop 48, Outlet Aubonne, Chemin Neuf du pre 14, Aubonne.
  • Mendrisio FoxTown (nearest Lugano). Address: Shop 132, Outlet FoxTown, Via A. Maspoli 18, Mendrisio.