So we’re sitting outside enjoying this mountain view and eating chocolate fondue…


When a random older gentleman comes up to us and asks if we want to come inside because they’re doing some filming and could use more people. We smile and nod politely, and return to our fondue wondering who would ever interrupt such a delightful meal with such lovely scenery.

IMG_2986 500x750

Until the girl sitting nearby excitedly informs us that we just shut down Rick Steves, who was filming an episode of his show on Switzerland and the log cabin hostel we were staying in. We couldn’t help but laugh. But in the end we took a quick peak inside and were entertained by all the hoopla. We were also mildly humored to see how much some shots are staged to portray a certain image, as the usually quiet dining hall suddenly erupted with boisterous visitors clanging beer steins together in song-song.