Over 25 km and 4 hours of steep elevation, we made it to the top of the Schilthorn hike. Who knew I’d be seeing so many James Bond sites in my life when I’ve seen so few of the movies! Anyways, this was one of the more strenuous day hikes we’ve done, often climbing what felt like a straight vertical wall or hanging onto ropes on the side of the mountain.

2012.08 093a 750x5002012.08 051a 750x500

We knew this hike officially made us one with the Swiss people when Telus sent us a “Welcome to Switzerland” text as we reached the summit. It had to be a sign. After all, I’ve come to the conclusion that the official shoe here is the hiking boot…

2012.08 149a2012.08 158a 750x500

(The last 500 meters to the top seemed so close, but was still much too far away)

2012.08 170a 500x7502012.08 178 750x500

Not only that, but we completed our Schilthorn hike to the sing-song of cowbells as we crossed through farmers pastures of cows and goats… did you know this sound is so Switzerland that it plays at the airport when you arrive (along with some yodelling)? It is such a quintessential Swiss experience that I added 30 minutes to our hiking time by taking pictures of cows:

2012.08 110a 750x5002012.08 116a

On our way home we made a quick stop at Trummelbach falls, the only European waterfall contained within a mountain that you can go inside to see.

2012.08 219 500x750

Shane rewarded our ‘hard day’s work’ by whipping up a tasty dinner in our kitchen, and even got complimented on being a “mad cook” by some Finnish friends.