Our last few days in Poland involved a few quick trips to visit long lost family in Lublin, and then back to Nowogard and Goleniow to visit family friends. I won’t bore you with the details of family visits, but share a few pictures of our times instead, including my first ride on a motorcycle with Mariusz!

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Overall, Poland is rich in history and a great place to visit. Its past is tumultuous, and the results of that are visible. Some places left me feeling dark and depressed, as a result of the war, and even moreso, the result of the long communist era. The skylines at times are tarnished by rows of drab communist boxes for apartment buildings. Poor construction has left some cities with crumbling sidewalks and decrepit buildings begging for restoration.

On the other hand, Poland’s history dates back to the 10th century and the country is therefore rich with culture. Cities like Krakow are overflowing with beautiful architecture and sites. Further, Poland is a fun place to visit – people are hospitable and quick to offer a hearty meal, the beer is some of the world’s best (though still remains generally undiscovered), and there are plenty outdoor activities to fill your time with. Though I wasn’t able to visit the Tatras mountains this time, the seaside of northern Poland is lovely, and I hear Gdansk is even better!

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We’ve now returned to Hof for a few days of relaxing before we head back home to Canada. I had the privilege of becoming a God Mother to cute little Lukas, and we also enjoyed a nice family walk through the forests surrounding my aunt’s home.. Apparently people here will explore the forests with metal detectors and often come upon war items: old helmets, weapons, etc!

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