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We’ve made it home with only wine to our name!

Our flight from Dubrovnik to Frankfurt was delayed, so our 50 minute layover for our flight back to Canada turned into only 20 – with no boarding passes! We got off the plane and RAN across the Frankfurt airport in a desperate attempt to catch the flight. We were let past all the checkpoints without boarding passes because everyone knew we were cutting it close… and ended up making it as the last people to board, with the doors literally closing behind us.

We thought we were in the clear when we reached Montreal, until we heard our names over the intercom. Of course our luggage was left behind. So all we were left with was bottles of duty-free Croatian wine that we now had to package ourselves in cardboard boxes to send to Canada (and they somehow thought it was a good idea to leave us with unlimited “fragile” stickers)… I guess that’s all we need anyways?

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Either way you know you’re traveling with a wonderful group when everyone laughs, grabs a bite to eat, and decides to spend the 7 hour layover at the pool by the Sheraton (with express pedicures for our beach-destroyed feet). I’d say this good spirit describes the vibe of our trip overall.

Our trip has been one my favorites  – we’ve seen and done amazing things, and ones I know we’ll reminisce on for a long time to come. But for now it’s time to say goodbye to our month of glosteling (= glamour hosteling), our parody photo of which is below taken appropriately at a bus stop:

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Some highlights:

I’ll always remember: The hot air balloon ride in Cappadocia & times spent with great people in Santorini.

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Best food: Anything in Turkey was delicious. But overall, I loved all Mediterranean food; everything was so tasty that it required little to no sauces or spices. The fresh ingredients spoke for themselves.

Best beaches: Hvar.

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Biggest pain: Well right now I want to say our way home… but other than that, probably taking overnight buses in Turkey. Not because they weren’t decent buses, but just because it’s an uncomfortable way to spend a night.

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Shane asked what I’d change: I’d stay at the Plitvice Park in Croatia overnight. We ended up being rushed and spending only 2 hours in a place you could hike around for at least a day.

Shane also asked what I’d do again: Visit the Croatian coast and spend more time exploring the less visited islands. 

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Traveling so well together, we all made a pact to go on a trip together once a year… whether that be a little weekend getaway or another several week adventure!

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Until then though, see you again in a month when we’re off to Switzerland :)