Our life continues on the coast, living in the water, with sunny weather that “feels like” 40-45. Not a bad way to start the last week of our trip!

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How our daily schedule has changed over these past two weeks. Everyone wakes late, spends the day beaching, has dinner at 9 PM or later, and then goes to after-dinner lounges after 1 AM. We now nap most of the evening and find our days beginning in the late night hours. Such a different lifestyle from home. I don’t know how people do it all the time!

Yesterday we took advantage of this and had quite the adventurous night out. We decided if we don’t have our own yacht, we could at least try to enjoy someone else’s. There is something so flashy and lavish about Hvar and it’s rows of boats and terracotta roofs, that this seemed like it could be a hilariously appropriate challenge. What can I say… Mission accomplished!

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We napped until 9 and headed out after midnight to the Carpe Diem Beach Bar, a club on a tiny island reached by water taxi. The club is on the beach, with comfy outdoor couches and hammocks to hang out in, and a big dance floor in front of the international DJ’s that visit every weekend. Tree canopies make the roof, and the music is amazing. If you read any list of things to do in Hvar, visiting this stunning bar is one of them!

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We danced all night long until the sky lightened. We chatted for periods of time with the DJ and his nearby girlfriend, complimenting the amazing music and all enjoying the beautiful scenery we were lucky to be in. As the sun came up, everyone moved to the beach to watch the sunrise. Intoxicated people somehow always seem to be drawn to water (why’s that?), and the ocean quickly filled with dancers while we watched amused.

We decided to head home around early morning when we were suddenly invited onto the “the Elegance” by the DJ, an elaborate yacht owned by a man by the name of Johannes (doesn’t that somehow sound like an appropriate fancy yachting name?). We were picked up from the shore by a henchman who magically appeared in a zodiac boat.

We arrived and were given the grand tour of the yacht (which perhaps had one too many fur rugs). We then were served white wine for breakfast and chatted the morning away learning about the lifestyles of a DJ and his friends. It was a ridiculous but epic evening, that kept us laughing all morning long until we landed back in our beds at 9 AM.

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We were in bed by 10 AM and have slept since. Thank goodness we have our mother, Ashley, to make us popcorn and bruschetta in bed while we gather the energy to be vertical again!

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