Our excursion to the North Atlantic is over, and as per usual, it’s time for a trip summary to reflect on our highlights and lowlights!

Our trip was so wonderful that we were quick to appreciate the “holiday problem” (a close relative to “first world problems”). Things like not being able to find your candy bar at the bottom of your bag, or a gelato shop not having your favorite flavor, or having too many waffle shops to chose from. It was a good trip.



Hands down the highlight of our entire trip, we both fell in love with and were amazed by Iceland. Still relatively untouched, Iceland was a dream to travel in and drive through with ever-changing and extraordinary landscapes. It is truly an amazing country. For anyone that takes pleasure in landscapes, scenery and nature, we’d highly recommend it. And for those that don’t, we still think you’ll enjoy the funky and hipster capital of Reykjavik.

Here’s our road trip map:


Highlights: The endless fun of the midnight sun. Dipping into the country’s endless hot springs. Driving through unique landscapes and through rivers.

Lowlights: The COST – Iceland is so expensive. I looked forward to being able to afford a somewhat decent hotel and nice meal upon our departure.


Faroe Islands

Though our first impression was not the greatest, we soon appreciated the natural and unspoiled beauty of the Faroe Islands. Driving around the islands let us see colorful villages nestled between the sheer rock cliffs, waterfalls cascading right into the ocean, and the unique grassy roofs traditional to this area. Though part of Denmark, the Faroese see themselves as just that – Faroese – with a unique culture, language, and government to their Danish counterparts.


Highlights: The scenic coastal town of Gasadalar. The unique roofs made of grass. Driving under the ocean.

Lowlights: Our prison hotel – we were very happy to leave that place. The misty mountain weather.

Wanderlusters - Faroe Islands Postcards - GjogvWanderlusters - Faroe Islands Postcards - Gasadalur (large)Wanderlusters - Faroe Islands Postcards - Saksun


Taking the somewhat unreliable trains throughout the Netherlands allowed us to explore not only Amsterdam, but also the Hague, Maastricht, Rotterdam, Haarlem, and our favorite – Kinderdijk. We enjoyed our glimpse into the canal and windmill capital of the world!


Highlights: The windmills of Kinderdijk at sunset. Bitterballen (deep fried deliciousness).

Lowlights: The sex and weed shops of Amsterdam got old… fast.


We both immediately agreed that Belgium is one of the most under-rated countries in Europe. Though tiny, it is full of culture, history, and picturesque medieval towns. We could wander the old town of places like Ghent for hours, and could drive through the cute towns of the Ardennes for days. All the while enjoying some of the best pleasures (chocolate, beer) in the world.


Highlights: The best chocolate in the world (Pierre Marcolini). The culture of beer. The charming city of Ghent. The WWI history. The cute mountain towns of the Ardennes.


Until next time, thanks for following along with us!