Once again, the benefit of having a car is that when you look at a map and see that you can visit the beautiful Lake Como in Italy in 25 minutes, you say why not?!

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After following the advice of KC (I figure if it was her dream place for 10 years and when she finally went, she was even more in love with it than she thought – it had to be amazing), we stayed in a lovely hotel right on the lake in the town of Bellagio with lovely lake views from the main balcony.

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This whole area of the lake was absolutely stunning with beautiful Italian style villas and architecture. It was a lovely introduction to Italy, and made me look forward to going there one day to see even more.

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Breakfast was included in the hotel, and could be enjoyed right on the lake every morning. The remainder of the meals included pizza, pasta, and great Italian wines.

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Lake Como is definitely a place I’d like to come back to. The lake itself is huge with many cute towns to see along both sides (easily accessible by ferry), so I felt that there was much more to see for another time. Even just a drive along the coast of the lake – though a little crazy with how narrow the roads are – is scenic enough. There are also many gorgeous villas with gardens to take a stroll through and wish you owned.

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