Look what I was forced to do today. I became one of those tourists, and against my own wishes!

IMG_2833 resized

(in case you’re confused – and I really hope for your sake that you’re not – I’m talking about the silliness of taking photos with your giant iPad)

While I’m already here, why not a picture of the town of Lucerne for you? (which also happened to be the backdrop of the photo I was asked to take)

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Lucerne was a jolly little town with the famous and historical Chapel Bridge in old town Lucerne. It is situated almost in the middle of Switzerland making it a good town to base travel out of. It is a short distance away from Interlaken and the Bernese Oberland (our next stop). There are also many different day trips from the town including a cool gondola where you can ride outside on the top of it (Mount Pilatus)!

The Old Town of Lucerne also had a nice little vibe with well maintained facades on most of the buildings and small little quaint streets in all directions. The fun thing about the walls surrounding this old town is that you are able to climb up on them for a panorama of the town. Unfortunately we were there on a gloomy day so the photos were less than ideal but it would be great on a sunny day!

The Lion Monument is also just a short walk away from Old Town and for some reason seems to be a very popular tourist attraction. We were indifferent towards it…