We arrived to Amsterdam and immediately entered a sea of Dutch orange!

Tonight was the Netherlands vs Australia in the World Cup and the atmosphere was boisterous, with people dressed in orange hats, sunglasses, and even full orange tuxedos. Soccer balls and orange flags hung above our heads as we walked the main streets. What a great night to arrive!

20140622-001202.jpg 20140622-001209.jpg

We stayed in an apartment downtown like one we have never been in before. We lived with 3 roommates and 3 cats, were offered “weed and hash” when we tried to share our liquorice treats, and had mirrors outside our windows to spy on the streets below. But the great part was that from there we were directed to a fun Dutch bar to watch the game.

While trying to decipher whether or not we were closet-Australians, some Dutch people started conversation with us at the bar and we soon made friends. We ate and drank, and merrily celebrated the Netherlands win that night. Even the police riot vans made it out for the party.


Why are the Dutch orange you ask, especially when the flag is red, white and blue? The last name of the Royal Dutch family is Oranje, which now is the color of national pride throughout the Netherlands.

We’re spending the next few days here, with some day trips to other cities in the Netherlands, before spending a night in Rotterdam which will be our last stop before heading into Belgium!