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Oh man it’s hot!

It’s totally understandable that Ash’s boyfriend says we look shiny in all our pictures! I think we’ll need to start taking siestas.

We got into Santorini this morning, probably the most well recognized Greek island with its whitewashed & blue trimmed buildings. We learned coming in that this is one of the top 4 places in the world to get married, so our expectations of its beauty are high…

Because of the heat we only managed 3 things today:

  • buy groceries for cooking now that we are in our own little apartment.
  • get heat stroke buying groceries
  • recover by going to a winery

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The winery was highly rated, but I think more for the atmosphere and stunning views than for the wine itself. The location was perfect, perched up on a cliff overlooking the ocean, which allowed us to sit for hours as the sun slowly set and turned the sky magnificent colors.

We enjoyed a variety of the winery’s wines, along with a plethora of cheeses… which likely resulted in us eating more cheese than a person should normally consume in one sitting… 

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