2012 703

We’ve arrived in Rhodes on Monday after a short hour ferry from Turkey. All you can see on arrival is a long wall of barricades as the whole old town is completely encircled in old town walls. We got off the ferry hoping we’d find a gate somewhere to let us in!


The town of Rhodes is cute, though super touristy. I think on my next visit to Greece I’ll choose some islands off the beaten track. There are tourist shops on every corner, and it’s hard to come by some truly authentic restaurants to try. Everything seems catered to travellers. However, it’s wonderful to suddenly blend in with the hundreds of tourists on this island! We are no longer so obviously out of place.


We’ve spent our time just shopping & exploring, and mainly enjoying the new cuisine. Tzatiki, Greek salad, and souvlaki have become daily standards. It does hurt to use the Euro again though… eating has suddenly become so much more expensive!

DSC_0739b 500x75017.jpg

On our first night we found a local pub to watch Eurocup with Greece against the Czech Republic. We sat in front of a row of hefty men with dark, curly hair pulled back into ponytails. We watched the place erupt with every goal and call made, and we were thoroughly entertained. Our rounds of drinks came with complimentary nuts & chips every time, which kept us going till the late hours after the Poland-Russia game finished as well.

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The next day we headed to Lindos, another town on the island, with quite a scenic view. A large acropolis stands on top of the hill overlooking this beach that we lazed on all day. Everyone’s starting to look a bit sun kissed!

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By the way, the obsession with cats here is unreal, and I now understand why our friends bought us a “street cats of Greece” calendar after their trip. Cats are found in shocking numbers on the streets, and the amount of cat memorabilia is crazy. Its only been one day and look at how many gems I’ve found:

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