Our Swiss Riviera Guide:

An hour train ride from Geneva along the lake takes you to wine region: Lavaux. The Swiss Riviera boasts fields of never ending wineries with beautiful views of Lake Geneva. We spent a couple hours walking the “wine trail” to take in the sites and sample a couple of wines along the way.

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If I could have changed anything, it would have been to have several more hours to continue along the trail and take in more of the beautiful sites!

2012.08.12 073 750x500

One of our highlights was visiting “Vinorama”, a new wine bar/cellar that offers tastings of all the wines in the region. We loved it, had wonderful service, and would recommend it to anyone. Having all the time we wanted, we got the biggest package offering us 5 glasses of wine each, and then were given even more as we started to ask about types we liked. The best way to summarize our time there was the host’s statement to us as he poured us another free sample: “you’ve now passed the point of tasting, and you’re now at the point of drinking.”

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Other than wandering fields of grapes, we ended up in the nicely adorned and palm tree filled city of Montreux. It felt like a lakeside resort town and somehow even the name seemed to fit it’s fancy nature. While here, we stumbled upon this lovely castle perched out on the lake: Chateau de Chillion:

2012.08.12 024b