Today was a sad day, as it was time to say goodbye to Mia… we bonded with her quite well – coaxing her up the crazy mountain roads and filling her seats with chocolate wrappers.

For those interested, here’s the route we managed to complete. The rest of the time we’ll be riding Swiss Rail to some of the more unreachable areas of Switzerland.


Our first stop on the rail was Interlaken, the base region for many of the mountainous areas of Switzerland that we want to explore:

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And, as we’ve found time and time again, taking the train an extra 20 minutes past a major tourist zone can bring you to somewhere unexpected, yet beautifully memorable. In this case, it was the town of Thun. Thun is picturesque and quaint, with lovely walkways and cafes where I could people watch all day. The town center was broken up by little waterways lined by flowers, a ferris wheel and a castle in the background. Interestingly, once we entered the shopping area, the street formed two levels with shops at the top and bottom (see the last pic)!

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From Thun and Interlaken we now head into the mountains to begin our time in Gimmelwald!