Vienna is the “City of Music” and thus we decided to appreciate this in four ways:

1. We decided to be scholarly and visit a museum of music: Haus der Musik. Its interactive nature kept us all entertained for several hours.

europe 05.2009 719b 500x750

2. We enjoyed an amazing musical performance by purchasing last minute tickets to the Snow Patrol concert!

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The location of the concert was at Gasometer, a location with a neat concept – four former gas tanks are converted into a concert hall, shops, apartments, etc. It’s worth Googling an image of these to see the aerial view.

3. We listened to loud music at one of Vienna’s bars on a Monday night. Something else only found in Europe: nightclubs offering an hour of FREE drinks. We gathered a crew from Andy’s dorm and took over the dancefloor for the night.

europe 05.2009 459b 750x500

4. Music is not a single art, so we appreciated other means of creative expression by visiting architect Friedensreich Hundertwasser’s crazy creations throughout the city:

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Sadly, after our five day stay in Vienna, it was time to say goodbye. With some insider’s information, we ended up somewhere far outside of Vienna in a cute little village restaurant with tasty food and a cozy atmosphere for our final dinner with Andy.

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