Our time has flown by and it’s already time to say goodbye. We ended our tour around Poland and Eastern Germany back in Hof with family.

I remembered riding on dry toboggans back when I was little visiting Germany, and I was eager to try to find these again on this visit. With the help of family, I discovered sommerrodelbahn – a summer alpine slide.

05.30.2009 [hof] 044b 750x500

After a riding a ski lift to the top of the hill, you slide down a steep toboggan run in a little plastic cart. The cart has a brake stick if needed, but otherwise you cruise down the hill, take banked turns, and go into tunnels. Its a fun, childish activity that left us all with a big smile.

05.30.2009 [hof] 051 750x500 05.30.2009 [hof] 087b 500x750

Since we were heading home for good, we had to stock up on some European goods. I’m pretty sure we bought the store out of Milka chocolate:

05.09.09 [hof] 173 750x500

And maybe even out of beer!

05.09.09 [hof] 175 500x750

After that it was time for a final family BBQ and time to say goodbye.

05.09.09 [hof] 050 750x500