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We have only a week left here, and I think we’re doing great at being Swiss so far… or at least we’ve adopted the eating a chocolate bar per day part.< We've learned that Swiss people are generally peaceful and rule-abiding. They are always on time (more often early, which is good to know when trying to catch a bus or train), friendly, and clean. They excel in chocolate and cheese, and if you ever need a lift - whether that be by cable car, gondola, funicular, etc. - you should ask the Swiss. 2012.08.09 079a 750x5002012.08.09 074b

They also are pro’s in the world of mountains, coming up with handy things like that in the picture above: Swiss wayfinders are painted onto rocks along different hiking trails in order to help you stay on track!

Anyways, we made our last visit to the Swiss mountains by visiting the popular town of Zermatt. This car-free town sits at the bottom of the very dominating Matterhorn mountain. You may wonder why I’m mountain name-dropping, but this is the famous Toblerone mountain that graces the cover of the delicious Toblerone bar. Either way, we figured this was enough of a reason to give the area a visit and enjoy another hike.

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There are numerous different trails to walk here (and of course many to ski on during the winter), so you can spend anywhere from a couple hours to several days here exploring!