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In finally reaching Tofino we switched over from the busy city life to a place full of nature and adventure: a couple days of camping plus island hopping, surfing, tree-caving, and several days of beach bumming!

We took a walk through Big Tree Trail on Meares Island, ending with one of the largest Red Cedar trees in BC with a circumference of almost 20m and height of 43m!

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The best part was crawling inside…

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While in Tofino, we figured we should do as the locals and attempt some surfing! So, we all signed up for first-timer surf lessons, strapped some boards onto our car, and dressed in incredibly thick neoprene suits; the water is freezing here no matter what time of year.

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We all had so much fun with our one-on-one teaching with our instructor, and we caught some great videos of everyone catching a wake (and catching some good falls). You can see our talents as we ride a “party wave” (meaning all four of us on one wave) below. One of the best parts of the day was heading home and watching a member of the “Surf Sisters” crash their van into a parked car, laugh, and then drive away. Don’t worry, Andrew left a note… he would not let these beach-haired blondes get away with such ditsy acts.

A close distance from our campsite was Long Beach, which really is as long as the name implies, and was a beautiful location to watch the sun set.

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After a short boat taxi ride from Tofino, a several hour hike, and potentially losing Katrina as a friend, we conquered the beautiful mountain of Lone Cone. The views were unbelievable!

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Seafood out on the Pacific has been delicious, and these Big Daddy salmon burgers were no exception! You can only guess how many Katrina would have per day…

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Location: Tofino, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada