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We discovered a new dusty desert landscape as we landed in Las Vegas for a ladies trip to celebrate completing our first year of school together.

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We stayed all together at Cesar’s Palace, where we lounged by the pools daily, shopped, and took over “the strip” in the evenings to enjoy the diversity of Vegas nightlife.

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Las Vegas is the perfect place to go with a group of girlfriends. It seems that as long as you have a group of females together in one crowd, you get into places for free, never have to step foot into a line, and often end up with some magical wristband that provide free drinks and entertainment all evening. It’s nice to be spoiled now and then… plus it’s great from the perspective of trip cost!

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The nightclubs are really something to be reckoned with. They are extravagant, wild, and unique. We explored a variety of places, from clubs with giant waterfalls cascading in the background, to outside balconies that show off the dazzling night lights of the strip, to beach parties where the action centers around beautifully lit pools.

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We headed out as the evening came upon us, and often didn’t return to our rooms until after 7 AM. It feels as though the party never stops here!

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One evening we made sure to take a trip to “Old Vegas” (or Fremont St). This used to be the popular strip to hang out on, decorated with all of the cheesy & flashy lights you’d expect in Vegas. Your ears fill with the sounds of old-school slot machines, and it’s not long before you feel like you’re in a tacky 60s movie filmed in Vegas. However, the strip has now been revitalized with a video screen above it that plays elaborate music/light shows every evening.

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Considering the frequently found affordable rates to fly and stay in Las Vegas, plus the minimal costs while there (taking into account we are not gamblers), and the insane amount of fun that can be had, I have a feeling us ladies will be repeating this trip in the future…

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