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A relaxing week long escape to the sunny white sand beaches of the Mayan Riviera!

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There were many fun activities to partake in at our resort, including sea kayaking, snorkelling, catamaran-ing, archery, and friendly competitions like arm wrestling where I made it to the final two. Too bad Shane didn’t teach me the tricks of the trade as my final opponent gave me a twist of the hand and down I went!

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On our final night there I had the most hilarious wake up. As I stumbled, half asleep, to the bathroom at 6 AM, I lifted the toilet lid, screamed, and jumped on the bed in suprise. Poor Shane had a rude awakening!

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Though most days we spent lazing on the beach at our resort, we went to the nearby city of Playa Del Carmen one evening:

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Though not our usual type of travel, an all-inclusive holiday is a great way to completely relax and return home feeling rested and refreshed!

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