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A whole week of being incredibly lazy, swimming in beautiful blue waters, and unlimited gluttony…

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Other than frolicking in the ocean, snorkelling, consuming unreasonable amounts of delicious amaretto sours, eating risky late night snacks at La Casita, watching cheezy entertainment shows at the theatre and dancing the night away at the resort’s nightclub, we spent one day off the resort to see more traditional parts of Mexican culture.

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We visited ancient Mayan ruins, climbing a steep 120 steps to the top of this one…

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We canoed (and had the staff there say we “must be Canadian” since we could actually maneuver our canoe) and rappelled down into cenotes. These are natural sinkholes into an underground labyrinth of caves that were formed as rain fell and burrowed through the porous limestone walls. They can be completely open to air or enclosed like this one with a small entrance. Interestingly, the water inside may be salt water, fresh water, or a combination. These are naturally beautiful, and have enticed scuba divers from around the world to start mapping out the intricate network of cenotes.

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