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We thought you’d all be happy to know that we made sure to bring Canada Day here to Japan. A bottle of wine and 6L of beer were well enjoyed in the dazzling lights of Hiroshima’s entertainment district. Sadly we couldn’t find any fellow Canadians, but we were with you guys in spirit!

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Anyways, today we took a short daytrip from Hiroshima to the small island of Miyajima. As our ferry approached this “shrine island,” we were greeted by the pretty site of this Japanese floating Gate (Torii):

which is the location of the floating shrine

It was hard to ignore how many wandering deer there are on this island…

for cloe

We then went on a fairly gentle hike to the top of Mt. Misen, but it somehow felt exhausting in 35 degrees.

Mt MisenViews from the top of Mt Misen

How appropriate are these waffles (momiji manju) for Canada day? They are so popular here, as the area is known for its marvelous maple trees, and we somehow got ours for free when Andrew said he had a peanut allergy. We should use him to our advantage more often…

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