This food gets its own post because it is a must must try food when visiting Japan.

These are okonomiyaki, the most well known food to the Hiroshima area (maybe other than oysters). They are essentially a Japanese pancake, filled with noodles, meat, green onions and a saucy topping – though you can get a variety of types. You know they’re huge when the restaurant has a grill on the table to keep the pancake warm while you take forever to eat it.

2011.07.02 hiroshima 055c 750x500

The waiter looked at us oddly when we each ordered one for ourselves. I quickly realized why when, while stuffing my face with my own personal pancake, I looked over at the family beside me and saw four of them sharing one.

2011.07.02 hiroshima 192b 750x500

Because they start off as being about 5 inches tall of toppings before being grilled down to the compact size of a pancake, I definitely felt like I should have bene on the TV show “Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives” when I’m eating one.

But, they’re incredibly delicious!