streets of kyoto

We’ve spent the last week or so based in Kyoto and just taken several daytrips to see surrounding areas, which has prevented me from posting about Kyoto itself.

Kyoto is a great city to stroll around with countless temples and cultural sites. The main streets play music as you wander through which adds a nice ambience, and there are plenty of restaurants and shops to spend days in. This is also the main location of Japan’s few remaining geisha (we were lucky enough to spot one!).

Definitely the most known sights in Kyoto are the multiple temples and internationally recognized dry (rock) gardens, of which we visited many.

dry gardens of japan2011.07.04 [kyoto] 065 500x750

On top of that, there are many other fantastic sights around Kyoto, including the Golden Pavilion and the beautiful bamboo forest seen below:

Golden Pavillion2011.07.08 [koyasan] 149b 750x500parkgion

PS. We’ve bumped into several Americans who have no idea where Canada is. How are you not aware of the giant country north of you?!