Bamberg is a charming little city.

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It is protected as a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its “authentic medieval appearance” as it was one of the few German cities not destroyed by the war. It is really a pretty place to visit – definitely one of my favorites.

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So far in Munich and Nuremberg, we travel to the “Old Town” to appreciate the nice architecture and history. However, in Bamberg it seems all buildings have this feel, and the narrow streets are all winding and of cobblestones lined with cute little German houses, shops, and cafes.

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On our way out of Bamberg, we stopped in Tiefenellern – a small village where we used to live back in the day when we were refugees from Poland. I have no memories of this place, but comparing this visit with pictures from the past was pretty interesting. Really, we must have been spoiled here despite our status, as the views into the valley from this place were stunning! Unfortunately the building has since been abandoned and now remains quite dilapidated.

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