So as you may know, IcelandAir recently opened up new flights from multiple Canadian destinations directly to Reykjavik. Not only that, but you get a free connection onto the European destination of your choice after a layover in Iceland. Seeing as how we have wanted to go to Iceland for a few years now this seemed like the perfect excuse to finally make it happen…

Our first IcelandAir experience began back in February when they offered a citywide hunt for free plane tickets that got everyone out and about in the middle of a Canadian winter (sadly we didn’t win). We knew then that we would have a fun experience with them!

The flight with them today was very jolly and here are a few examples (sorry for the bad quality iPhone pictures):

1. Each plane has a namesake followed by a quirky explanation ruled on the outside.


2. The blanket had a nice quote to tuck you in.


3. The menu had interesting descriptions to entice you to the different foods on the menu (I especially like the yogurt one).

20140608-213615-77775147.jpg 20140608-213615-77775573.jpg

4. You get a free bottle of water when you board. Apparently it is spring water from Iceland, but the labeling would have you believe otherwise…

20140608-213714-77834052.jpg 20140608-213714-77834483.jpg

The only non-jolly thing about them was that they don’t feed you on the flight. I was a little shocked there was no food on an almost 7 hour flight!

Also, Sandra mentioned that Iceland looked like another planet when she flew over it heading to London. In case you ever doubted her, here are some shots from the plane:


By the way, we are trying to do our best to learn some Icelandic but it is proving to be a very difficult language to read/understand/speak since they have non-roman letters and the roman letters they do have do not sound the same as we pronounce them. Examples:

Egilsstaðir = AY-yell-stath-er;
Vatnajökull = VAT-nah-yer-CUDDLE;
Höfn = HERP’n.

At least we’re trying…